Our Library is stored offsite. In-person browsing just isn’t possible. Please use our online catalog to find the book you’re interested in and reserve it by emailing  the title and author to the Librarian (email address below). We’ll email you when it’s available and arrange pickup via our new BookMobile service.

The catalog will be updated monthly to show new acquisitions as well as changes in availability.

Library Rules

    • Only current Guild members may reserve and check-out items.
    • Members may check out a maximum of 3 books per month.
    • Books may be renewed (by email) for 1 additional month provided a book is not on hold for another member.
    • Librarians will call, text or e-mail reminders one week before the due date.
    • Any book not returned or returned damaged (including missing pullout patterns, CDs, DVDs or specialty rulers) within 3 months from check-out must be replaced in “New” condition by the member or reimbursed at the current cost to replace the item.
    • Book donations are welcome! See FAQs.

COVID-19 Practices

  • Book exchanges (check-out & returns) will be made at Guild meetings when they start up or in the Woodlands South Library/Community Center parking lot or other outside designation.
  • Wear your mask and bring a pen or pencil to sign the check-out card.
  • Reserved books will be in recyclable grocery bags.

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