March 17, 2020

Hello Fellow WAQG Members, 

Based on the latest update from the Montgomery County officials the South Montgomery County Community Center is closed through August 31.  ALL of the Woodlands Area Quilt Guild Activities are cancelled for that period of time.  

See our Programs and Workshops Page for information concerning  our August 1st online workshop!

The situation we are facing on a global scale requires us to be prudent so we can stay healthy and productive. If any of you are ill, know of someone that is, having to quarantine yourself, or in a high-risk situation, PLEASE let me or a WAQG friend know. We as a quilting family want to help! We will pitch in to help with any needs as quickly as possible; groceries, medications, needle and thread… delivered right to your door!

Thank you for coming together as a group to support each other like family. I will keep everyone updated as soon as possible.

Prayers to all and let’s weather this storm safely. 


Sheri Fulton

President, The Woodlands Area Quilt Guild