History of The Woodlands Area Quilt Guild
– courtesy of Margaret Fergus

It all began in 1994!

February 1994 marked to first meeting of the, then to become, Woodlands Area Quilt Guild. The WAQG is a diverse group of women that continues to change, as does the tide. Living in this part of the Houston metropolitan area our numbers are constantly changing with the tide of job transfers and re-locations of families. While we may have only a portion of the original charter members on our roster, we have been so fortunate to have many friends pass through our membership doors and be a part of our group, if only for a while.

Over the years we have grown from one small group to a rather large one. However, our size does not restrict our hearts and the fellowship that can be attained from such an organization. The days of knowing each and every member have, unfortunately, passed but just let one member show need of help and compassion and the whole group pulls together to come to the aid of one. We as a group support various community service programs including sponsorship of Camp For All, which is a controlled camp for young people who physically, or mentally can’t partake of most ‘camp’ programs. We support the local Interfaith Ministries during the holidays by funding Christmas for multiple families, and we support our own with college scholarships for our members families. But, also important, we as a group, support and share the knowledge and love of quilting among ourselves.

Our membership’s quilting expertise’s run from the traditional and handquilted items to the latest in art quilts, machine thread painting and all ideas and mediums in between. Our group includes many quilt award winners, many teachers and many who just share their knowledge and ideas. Our annual schoolhouse nights reflect the wealth of knowledge housed within our group and their love of keeping our craft alive and growing. Our semi-annual quilt show and auctions have grown from space at the community center to the ball rooms at the Waterway Marriott, from just our own group and products to a multi-vendor production.

Yes, our history is one of growth and change. While we often resist change in our daily lives the growth and changes within the Guild, help to keep new ideas and new friends coming into our lives on a continual basis. Least ye be left behind, put a smile on your face and song in your heart and greet someone you don’t know. They may be your new ‘next best friend.’