Code of Ethics

The WAQG builds on its success and credibility by adhering to a Code of Ethics. Our members and guests deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Individuals should always act with fairness, honesty, and integrity.  WAQG members will:

  1. Treat all Guild members and guests respectfully and allow diverse opinions to be shared without interruption.  Volunteers are authentically welcomed with respect to diversity, training, and teamwork.  Resources will be provided to enable success.  
  2. Invite everyone to participate that has an interest in quilts.  Members will accommodate everyone with respect to our volunteer status.
    1. WAQG is an equal opportunity organization committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination of all types.
    2. Individuals should act with fairness, honesty, integrity, and openness.  Members will respect the opinion of others and treat them equally and with dignity. 
  3. Abstain from personal and sexual harassment.
  4. Refrain from disclosing confidential information.
  5. Present the Guild in a positive fashion in all social media or public forums.
  6. Disclose any potential Conflict of Interest with Guild-related governance and/or financial decisions to the Executive Committee (Elected Officers).
  7. Respect any member’s grievance.  Many issues can be resolved on a personal level, but a member may formally request that the Executive Committee review a complain and moderate a resolution.  All participants in the grievance process must sign and adhere to a confidentiality agreement.

Code of Ethics was unanimously approved by members at the February 5, 2020 Guild meeting.