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WAQG Scholarship Program
Congrats WAQG! This is the 17th year the Woodlands Area Quilt Guild
has sponsored a scholarship program for students enrolled in an
approved program such as an accredited college, university, advance
degree program, or trade school.
To qualify, an applicant must either be a WAQG member or a direct
relative of an active member who has volunteered at least six months of
service to the Guild. A direct relative is defined as a child, grandchild,
spouse or parent of a member. This year’s applicants must graduate
from high school by June 2018. Prior recipients may apply again for a
scholarship and must complete a new application packet. Scholarship packets will not be accepted if received after June 1st, 2018. 
We are pleased to announce that 5 promising students will be receiving scholarships from the WAQG.  Thanks to the members that served on the scholarship committee!