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WAQG Scholarship Program
Congrats WAQG! This is the 16th year the Woodlands Area Quilt Guild
has sponsored a scholarship program for students enrolled in an
approved program such as an accredited college, university, advance
degree program, or trade school.
To qualify, an applicant must either be a WAQG member or a direct
relative of an active member who has volunteered at least six months of
service to the Guild. A direct relative is defined as a child, grandchild,
spouse or parent of a member. This year’s applicants must graduate
from high school by June 2017. Prior recipients may apply again for a
scholarship and must complete a new application packet.
Members of the 2017 Scholarship Committee are responsible for
reviewing the applications and awarding the scholarships. A blind
review and a point system are used in scoring the applications.
Applicants are required to submit a completed scholarship application packet. These completed packets must be hand delivered or mailed to the chairman of the committee, Diane Kerbow. Packets must be received by Wednesday, June 1, 2017.  No packets will be accepted after June 1, 2017.
Scholarship applications will be available at the April and May WAQG
general meetings and published in the WAQG newsletter. If you prefer,
Diane can email you an application. Contact Diane Kerbow at or call 832-764-0880.
Announcement of the recipients will be printed in the July newsletter.
Honorees will be recognized at the August Guild meeting.
Diane Kerbow 832-764-0880
38 Maple Branch St.,
The Woodlands, TX. 77380