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2016-17 Executive Board
President Barbara Behler
Vice President Pat McClintock
Assistant Vice President Patty Klein
Corresponding Secretary Kathryn Markle
Treasurer Shantheri Pai
Assistant Treasurer Sara Culbreth
2016-17 Standing Committees
Community Service Phyllis Pokorny
Membership/Yearbook Sandy Stanutz
Linda Menn
Newsletter Ruth Roesler
Parliamentarian Sharron Smith
Publicity Vacant
Workshops Janet Stewart and Lois McCarty
2016-17 Special Committees
AQS Challenge  Venetta Morger
Debbie Shelton
Auction 2016 Amy DePan
Beekeeper Mary Ann Stine
Christmas Fund Debbie Shelton
Christmas Party Angie El Fattal
Door Prizes Janet Chase and Kathryn Archer
Garage Sale Patty Dixon
Historian Ginny (Mary) Haeberlen
Maryanne Taylor, Sarah Bourgeios, Irene Womochil, T Michon
Yahoo Group Judy Purgason 
Property/Equipment Vacant

Diane Kerbow

Scholarship Quilt 2016 Allison Mueller
Scholarship Quilt 2017 Dee Ullbrick
Show & Tell Valerie Wagner
Special Events Judy Purgason
Take Our Quilt for a Ride

Keith Ferry and Rosemary Mead

(Contact for other Guilds to display your raffle quilt at one of our meetings)

Webmaster Debbie Saul