2020-2021 Executive Board
President Sheri Fulton
Vice President C.C. Helmick
Assistant Vice President Pat Meuschel
Secretary Gina Schaack
Corresponding Secretary Pam Frazier
Treasurer Beth Zarra
Assistant Treasurer Sally Griffin
2020-2021 Standing Committees
Community Service Karen Estaella
Membership/Yearbook Sandy Stanutz
Linda Menn
Newsletter Sharron Smith
Parliamentarian Freda McDaniel
Publicity Sara Culbreth
Workshops Sheri Acosta & Diane Wood
2020-2021 Special Committees
Bee Keeper Laura Brents and Phyllis Pokorny
Block of the Month Amy Depan and Billie Ryan
Christmas Fund Patty Adams and Alison Mueller
Christmas Party Barbara Behler and Cate Rinard
Historian Patty Adams
Kathryn Markle and T. Michon
Property Kathryn Markle
Equipment Esmeralda Broadbent
Scholarship/Education Patty Klein, Ila Zimmer
Scholarship Quilt 2020  Laura Brents
Show & Tell  Pat Meuschel, Peggy Rihn and Patty Smith
Special Events Peggy Rihn
Take Our Quilt for a Ride Julie Dearing
Webmaster Pat McClintock