What’s a Bee?

A Bee is a gathering of people with a special interest in quilting. Usually they are smaller groups (6-12 people) that meet once a week, twice a month, or monthly. A bee provides support, advice, fellowship, and fun.

Please feel free to contact the guild’s Bee Keeper, or visit bees to get ideas to start one of your own.

Examples of things Bees do:

  • Basting/Frame Quilting – members work on each other’s quilts.
  • Work on your own projects.
  • Block/Fabric Exchanges.
  • Special Interest – Scrap Quilts, Contemporary Design, Baltimore Albums, Challenge Quilts, Round Robin, Wearable Art, Community Service (making quilts), Appliqué Quilts, etc.
  • Eat, socialize and have lots of fun!